The aim of Blinkers Removed is to discuss the work of artists playing post-rock, post-metal and experimental music, revealing some of the artist’s intent to the listener, while offering a perspective that may help artists grow in their trajectory.


The principal writer and editor of Blinkers Removed has been active as a music journalist and copy writer for over eight years, writing for (among others) The Monolith, Arctic Drones, and MUSIC&RIOTS magazine.


Our goal is to promote bands that show an original line of thinking, and as such all bands featured on Blinkers Removed are worth listening to. Speaking with our manifesto, the only bad review is the one that’s badly written. As such, a short explanation of our grading system is in place.

All reviews on Blinkers Removed are concluded with a star rating that is not dissimilar to the Michelin star-rating for restaurants. Contrary to common practice, a rating of 3 stars will not mean an album is “average”. Again all featured artists are worthy of your time and energy. Records gather stars according to the degree in which they surprise the writer with, for example, an original concept, great lyricism or exceptional musicianship. We understand it is not enticing for a band to share a one-star review on their social media, hence each star rating is accompanied by a verbal appraisal which explains the rating.

This is…
* Worth listening to
** Interesting
*** Captivating
**** Illuminating
***** Enlightening


Edit (08/04/2022): We are currently unable to accept submissions due to an increased focus on writing press releases and pitch texts. For the foreseeable future this website will remain online for archive purposes. Bands and labels who wish to receive more information about our copywriting activities are kindly requested to contact us via the e-mail address below.

Submissions are welcome at removeyourblinkers@gmail.com. Coverage is not guaranteed. Submissions are selected for coverage based on their conformity with the scope outlined in our manifesto.


For the name of this website we are indebted to Dimitar Petrov and his project Man of No Ego. We are inspired by his music and universal message.

Enlightening music means:

  • Music that shows an original line of thinking
  • The promotion of enlightening music
  • Offering a perspective that may help artists and bands grow