Lending words to music: a seemingly futile activity. At Blinkers Removed we believe that most bad reviews stem from a flawed comprehension of the artist’s intent, rather than from the album being a bad record. The right words can sway the right people and a good press release or web text can make a difference between a good or a bad review. Blinkers Removed offers a copywriting service that draws from eight years of experience in the field of music journalism. Our services are aimed at young bands who want to bring their album to the masses, as well as labels or PR agencies wanting to give a fresh voice to their copy.


Whether it concerns a press release, artist biography or sticker text, every artist has a unique voice and representing that voice demands a tailor-made solution. The creative proces takes the following steps to ensure that the final result meets the client’s wishes.

  1. Intake — determination of requirements
  2. Analysis — close listening and analysis
  3. Writing
  4. Consultation — feedback
  5. Editing
  6. Delivery

Generally speaking step 4 and 5 are repeated (within the limits of reason) until the client is satisfied with the result.


Because Blinkers Removed is a not-for-profit website we work with a flat rate, which means the compensation for the services will be the same regardless of the number of words. Our rates are symbolic and in no way proportionate to the work that is normally involved. All proceeds will be invested back into the Blinkers Removed and the scene in general.


Over the past few years we’ve worked together with a number of artists, labels and PR agencies. Below you can read about their experience with our services:

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